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Sharjah and Ajman Tour (North Tours) 

SHARJAH, the city of Culture, is located only a short distance from Dubai. UNESCO has elected Sharjah city as the Cultural City of the Arab world for 1998. During our tour we will visit.

- The most spectacular King Faisal Mosque,
- Al Ithad Monument,
- The Rulers Old Palace.
- The natural History Museum, Archeological museum.
- We will stop at one of the most famous of Sharjah's Souks, the 'BLUE SOUK', located on the edge of the lagoon, with its beautiful mosaics and traditional style. One other souk is worth visiting is Majarrah Souk, that is built using Mosaics and Golden Dome.
- We will carry on to visit another neighboring city, Ajman. A visit to Ajman impressive museum, housed in an old fort, which depicts traditional life before the discovery of oil.

-Drive to Sharjah -Stop at the King Faisal Mosque -Panoramic drive to Cultural Square -Visit to Ajman Museum -Drive along the Corniche to Sharjah -Stop at Sharjah Islamic Museum -Stop at Al Naboodah House, Blue Souk

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